Help Charlemagne keep the lights on and her servers running.

How do I donate regularly?

That's awesome! We use patreon to help with monthly donations.

How do I donate one time?

Everything helps! While we set up one-time support again, we recommend signing up for Patreon above at the one-time price and after success, updating to whatever amount you feel comfortable.

Want everyone to know you are a supporter of Charlemagne? Earn her Donate Byte!
Exotic Donate Byte

DonateByte is earned through donations to help Charlemagne and her root team.

Bits required:

4 Bits - Common Donate Byte
32 Bits - Uncommon Donate Byte
64 Bits - Rare Donate Byte
128 Bits - Legendary Donate Byte
256 Bits - Exotic Donate Byte

Bits earned: Donate $1.00 USD to earn 1 Bit

Please make sure you include some information (Discord Username) so we can identify you and credit the donation.