Information about changes and updates to Charlemage.

Version 0.38: It's Time

    Added Features
  • All !lfgPosts will now alert guardians 10 minutes prior to start.
  • !lfg alert -join_id- will force an alert to be sent out.
  • !lfg now supports admin controls.
  • In addition to post creator, server admins may kick/cancel/edit/alert
  • Original creation message will now update in real time.
  • !pve & all individual raid commands include Deleted Character Stats
  • Updated !countdown to proper release time - Sept 6th
  • Improved case insensitivity for !lfg

Version 0.37: It's Regional

    Added Features
  • !lfg command now accepts timezones
  • !lfg command filters posts per activity mode selected
  • Bugfixes
  • Users from ps are blocked from joining xbox events and vice versa

0.36: It's LFG

    New Functionality
  • !lfg command to find server LFG events
  • !lfg create command to create LFG events
    • try !help lfg for the rest of the lfg commands
  • Added deleted characters to Total Raids stats on !pve
  • New Destiny manifest functionality

0.35: It's Dark

    New Functionality
  • New Dark Theme for
  • Web-based leaderboards for everything that !rank works for
  • Huge performance improvement in all ranking code

0.34: It's Watching

    New Functionality
  • !status command will tell if you if a player is currently playing Destiny
  • Further improved handling of Bungie API Errors
  • Further defenses against malicious Discord servers

0.33: It's Specific

    New Functionality
  • Expanded !book command with real percent complete and fastest nightfall
  • Added leaderboards for all raids and all raid modes (see !help rank)
  • Added leaderboard for fastest nightfall (!rank fastestnf)
  • Added !countdown command
    Bug Fixes
  • Added proper handling of Bungie Maintenance Errors
  • Fixed some logging issues
  • Groundwork for web functionality
  • More detailed logging and metrics

0.32: It's Leading

    New Functionality
  • Complete support for all Xbox gamertags with spaces
  • !rank command -- Leaderboards for all ranked stats

0.31: It's Exceptionless

    New Functionality
  • Registration now handled by Charlemagne for her commands and !destiny commands
  • Lookup stats by @mentioning server members
  • Registration Sherpa Program -- Walk through registration when needed
  • Updated !destiny command to new arguments
  • Removed need for quotes -- All XBL GT just remove spaces prior to input
  • Elo Ranking
  • More Informative Error Messages
    Bug Fixes
  • Squashed Special Characters Breaking Commands
  • Squashed No Permissions Exception
  • Squashed Multiple Exceptions Found Over Last Week
  • Rollbar support

0.30: The Rebuild

  • [NEW] !user set PS/XBOX
  • [NEW] !server preferences (destinycommand on/off, setprefix )
  • [NEW] More Embed Responses
  • [NEW] Case-insensitivity for all commands/queries
  • [NEW] non-blocking aiohttp API requests w/ Redis cache
  • [NEW] Foundation for bot attack prevention
  • [FIX] Improved Xbox support
  • [FIX] Improved help commands
  • [FIX] Improved support for Xgerhard’s !destiny command
  • [FIX] Squashed “Rise of Bacon” Console Conflict
  • [INF] Complete restructure of code base into cogs
  • [INF] Switched to bleeding edge version of discord library (-rewrite)
  • [INF] MYSQL instead of sqlite

0.21 (At the Request of r/DestinyTheGame)

  • [NEW] Added xgerhard’s !destiny command
  • [FIX] various small bugs

0.20 (Xbox Support and 3 New Commands)

  • [NEW] Added !trials command (!trials and !trials_past)
  • [NEW] Added !elos command (!elo )
  • [NEW] Added !pve command
  • [FIX] Corrected issue with users that don’t have 1 of each class
  • [FIX] Ranking is only against people on your server now
  • [FIX] Added stats for 390 light raids that aren’t the Featured Raid
  • [FIX] Raid difficulty ordering is now consistent in the output

0.15 (PVP Command)

  • [NEW] Added !pvp command
  • [NEW] improved logging
  • [NEW] decreased RAM usage

0.10 (System initializing…)

  • Initial Release
  • commands included
    • !wotm, !vog, !crota, !kingsfall
    • !help
    • !book