The Lantern of Osiris

"To light your way from time to time." —Osiris

Global Rarity:

Adjusted Rarity:

Warmind Khanjali

A ritual blade inlaid with digitized enigma.

Global Rarity:

Adjusted Rarity:

The Gate Lord's Eye

The charged eye of a Vex Gate Lord can be used to infiltrate the most protected layers of their network… and reverse engineered to confer incredible powers to its bearer.

Global Rarity:

Adjusted Rarity:

Global Rarity is compared to the global guardian population.
Adjusted Rarity is compared to guardians with over 10 hours of playtime.
Global analytics are provided for all guardians across all platforms excluding those who disabled show my progression on Bungie's privacy page.
Private guardians make up 0.14% of the global guardian population.
Global analytics are provided within an hour of real-time.