Frequently Asked Questions

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You must have administrator permissions on your server to add any bot/warmind. If you have the proper permissions, click here:

Add Me To Your Server

If you would like to join Charlemagne’s ever-growing community, you are invited to do so here:

Join My Server

Destiny 2 is fully supported. Check !help or #news on my server to see the latest commands.

Check !help via your server for a complete list of commands. An out of date command list can also be found here:


We appreciate any and all support. Simply using Charlemagne and talking about her with your friends is support enough! That being said, a number of people have asked if there is a way they can donate to help pay for server costs.

If you'd like to donate, you may do so here:

Donate Monthly Donate Once

Thank you all for your support and for helping us build such a remarkable community.

To report a bug, please visit our Charlemagne server here:

Bugs Channel

or go to the #bugs channel if you are already part of our community.

We appreciate and welcome ALL feedback! Screenshots can make it much easier to see the error and are greatly appreciated. To see the current known issues list, enter command !bugs and she’ll DM you.

To request a feature, please visit our Charlemagne server here:

Feature Requests Channel

or go to the #feature-requests channel.

We appreciate and welcome ALL input, but please check pinned messages in that channel to see if your request has already been submitted.

Not at the moment, but we are considering it for the future.


On any server where Charlemagne is added type !register

For example:


We currently support XBox and Playstation and PC. Please note: PC stats are not out, but you can register now!

You do not need to register with Charlemagne. However, doing so will link your psn / gamertag to your Discord username and allow your to run commands without having to type in your psn / gamertag every time you want to see your personal statistics.

For example:

Registered user: !pvp

Unregistered user: !pvp waterpolotrev67

In addition, registering immediately adds you to all relevant server leaderboards and is needed in order to have full use of LFG.

Yes. You will be able to run commands on any server that has invited Charlemagne and where you are a member.
This should only occur if someone else was logged onto on the browser you registered in. To correct, please see how to join Charlemagne's server and ask in #ask-help-here.

Yes. If they are registered members on your server, you can simply input the command and @mention them: !pvp @username

For example: !pvp @Tor Kallon

If they are not a registered member on your server, simply input the command followed by their psn / gamertag: !pve psn / gamertag

For example: !pve waterpolotrev67

Charlemagne will register all linked profiles to the signed-in account. You can add any additional psn / gamertag / id's at anytime by re-running the !register command but must be signed onto the properly linked account for those profiles.

Server Admin:

When Charlemagne is added to your server, she is automatically assigned certain permissions which help her function properly within your server. In addition, you may either choose to assign her role to only certain channels or only allow her to read/send messages in certain channels. Either way, you have complete control over where your members can run her commands.

Note: These apply in the channel the command is sent from and are only available to members with administrator permissions.

To enable or disable LFG in any channel input !channel lfg and select the on or off reaction that appears.

To enable or disable Stats in any channel input !channel stats and select the on or off reaction that appears.

To enable or disable the Destiny command in any channel input !channel destiny and select the on or off reaction that appears.

Though we are quite proud of her name, as she is the warmind of Mars after all. If you have the proper permissions, right click on Charlemagne’s profile and select change nickname. Feel free to enter whichever name you prefer.

If you are server owner you may change the prefix to any character you chose by typing:

!server setprefix character

For example: !server setprefix ?

You may also login at:


If you have administrative permissions, you can make changes in the server settings page.


Only registered users will show up on the leaderboards. If you want your leaderboards to reflect all server members, be sure to have them all !register with Charlemagne.
The leaderboards are updated twice daily. If you want to force an update run the command it is associated with. For example, Total Raids is from the !pve command so, you would run !pve to force an update to your latest stat.
Guardians are removed from leaderboards automatically when they leave the server.

You can see a full list of leaderboards by selecting your server here:


Active time includes time from all characters - even deleted ones. Total Time is only available from your current non-deleted characters.
The !book command percentage is based on an actual 100% completion (all nodes completed) instead of only percentage to rank 7, per Bungie.


The LFG module utilizes reactions to imitate buttons. By selecting them under the message, Charlemagne will respond accordingly. The best explanations can be found by entering the help commands !help lfg and !help lfg create.
Of course! Just enter the command !lfg join <join_id> <gamertag>. Remember not to include the < >
Isn’t everyone on Bungie Time? Her default timezone is Pacific Time!