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Deep Stone Crypt


Completions: 187,911

Avg Full Run: 1h 56m

Avg Boss Phase: Unknown

November 24 - December 01

Completions: 129,111

Avg Full Run: 1h 40m

Avg Boss Phase: Unknown

Garden of Salvation


Completions: 1,662,195

Avg Full Run: 1h 42m

Avg Boss Phase: 1h 23m

November 24 - December 01

Completions: 4,839

Avg Full Run: 2h 14m

Avg Boss Phase: Unknown

Crown of Sorrow


Completions: 1,091,147

Avg Full Run: 1h 14m

Avg Boss Phase: 38m 01s

Scourge of the Past


Completions: 2,828,146

Avg Full Run: 1h 04m

Avg Boss Phase: 29m 45s

Last Wish


Completions: 2,315,071

Avg Full Run: 1h 27m

Avg Boss Phase: 19m 36s

November 24 - December 01

Completions: 8,428

Avg Full Run: 1h 19m

Avg Boss Phase: Unknown

Spire of Stars Prestige


Completions: 118,757

Avg Full Run: 1h 30m

Avg Boss Phase: 1h 01m

Eater of Worlds Prestige


Completions: 248,311

Avg Full Run: 1h 13m

Avg Boss Phase: 48m 24s

Spire of Stars


Completions: 664,191

Avg Full Run: 1h 30m

Avg Boss Phase: 55m 22s

Eater of Worlds


Completions: 1,357,408

Avg Full Run: 1h 11m

Avg Boss Phase: 42m 13s

Leviathan Prestige


Completions: 674,066

Avg Full Run: 1h 50m

Avg Boss Phase: 59m 56s



Completions: 3,525,713

Avg Full Run: 1h 53m

Avg Boss Phase: 1h 09m

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