Commands Available

Information about the commands currently available for Charlemagne.

We are adding new commands pretty regularly, and we’d love to get your feedback and ideas. Join us on the Charlemagne server if you’d like to report a bug, request a command, or just tell us what you think of Charlemagne.

The default command prefix is ! (exclamation point). The examples in this guide will all use ! as the prefix symbol. If your server uses a different prefix then replace ! with that prefix as you read on.



You want to help Charlemagne? That's great!


clan [Destiny Profile Name]

Clan stats and rewards

The "Season 4 XP" represents your total personal clan contribution.
If you are registered then Charlemagne has saved your contributions to your clan each week since you registered.
If you are NOT registered, then she will only display the current week's total data.

Ex: !clan

!clan status
!clan unregistered

[collection|kiosk|collections|kiosks] [Type] [Destiny Profile Name]

Displays Missing Items from D2 Collections

To see the specific missing items in your collection:
armor emblem catalyst
weapon nodes memories

Ex !collection armor
!collection weapon
!collection emblem
!collection nodes
!collection memories
!collection catalyst


[dcw|destinyclanwarfare] [Destiny Profile Name]

DestinyClanWarfare Summary
Full integration of DestinyClanWarfare

If a DCW event is currently active:
Displays the current event and, if registered with DCW, personal / clan rank

If a DCW event is not currently active:
Displays the upcoming event

Examples: !dcw
!dcw waterpolotrev67

credit to for stats / info in this command

!dcw previous
!dcw upcoming

book [platform_id]

Show's Destiny 1 record books.

There are not D2 books yet, but this still works for the Age of Triumphs book if you use !book d1

Unfortunately this maxes out at seven when you book is only really about 70% complete. Bungie also counts
level 7 as 100% completion. In the future we will have also report true percent complete, not based on
the Bungie number.

ex: !book Tor Kallon
!book waterpolotrev67

!book d1
!countdown dlc
!countdown streams
!faction rally
!faction total
!heatmap d1
!pop now
!rank d1
!rank warmind
!status d1
!theater d1
!time d1

[lfg|event|events] [Join Id]

Charlemagne's LFG / Event Module
All LFG / Event Posts rely on treating Discord Reactions as Buttons.
To "press" the button, select the Discord Reaction displayed.

For Server Configuration: !help server lfg (PLEASE READ !help server lfg)

To Create:
Use !lfg create

PLEASE READ !help lfg create

To Join (3 Ways): !help lfg join for more details
1. Select the + reaction under the LFG / Event you wish to join.
2. Use !lfg join <Join Id> (DON'T INCLUDE < >).
3. Searching with !lfg search and selecting the + reaction.
!help lfg join

To Join as Alternate (3 Ways): !help lfg join alt for more details
1. Select the ? reaction under the LFG / Event you wish to join as alt.
2. Use !lfg join alt <Join Id> (DON'T INCLUDE < >).
!help lfg join alt

To Leave (3 Ways):
1. Selecting the - reaction under the LFG / Event you wish to leave.
2. Use !lfg leave <Join Id> (DON'T INCLUDE < >).
3. Searching with !lfg search and selecting the - reaction.
!help lfg leave

Requirements For Commands Below:
LFG / Event Creator OR administrator permission on server.

To Delete (3 Ways):
1. Adding the red X reaction under the LFG / Event you wish to delete.
2. Use !lfg delete <Join Id> (DON'T INCLUDE < >).
3. Delete the LFG / Event Message.
!help lfg delete

To Kick:
!lfg kick <Join Id> <profile name here> (DON'T INCLUDE < >).
!help lfg kick

To Alert:
!lfg alert <Join Id> (DON'T INCLUDE < >).
!help lfg alert

If reactions are used too fast, you may need to remove and re-react.
Please contact my @root team at if your timezone is not available

To create a duplicate LFG / Event Post in any channel:
!lfg <Join Id>
Ex: I want to see event 26. !lfg 26
This works across servers as well ONLY if you are the post creator.
WARNING: This Post is Live and should be treated like any other LFG / Event Post.
This is NOT the same as !lfg copy <Join Id>

!lfg alert
!lfg channel pause
!lfg copy
!lfg create
!lfg create d1
!lfg create private
!lfg create private d1
!lfg delete
!lfg edit
!lfg edit d1
!lfg edit detail d1
!lfg join
!lfg join alt
!lfg joined
!lfg kick
!lfg leave
!lfg public
!lfg recur
!lfg search
!lfg search d1

last [Activity] [Destiny Profile Name]

Statistics on Last Activity.

Displays the statistics for the last activity played.
Supported activity list:

pve pvp | crucible | match trials
story control quickplay
patrol clash competitive
strike supremacy rumble
nf | nightfall survival
raid countdown
gambit breakthrough

Supported prestige activity list:
prestige nf | nightfall

To see only the last successfully completed activity add 'completed' before activity type.

!last match !last nf waterpolotrev67
!last raid tor_kallon !last quickplay
!last prestige nf !last completed raid

!last completed

[loadout|showoff] [Destiny Profile Name]

Shows your last-played profile's full loadout

This command shows your full loadout.

Additional Loadout Commands:
!loadout weapons - Display Weapons w/ Power Levels
!loadout armor - Display Armor w/ Power Levels
!loadout <slot> - Display specific equipment slot
Ex: !loadout kinetic
!loadout ghost
!loadout helmet

For D1 commands add D1 after "!loadout"
Ex: !loadout d1
!loadout d1 arms
!loadout d1 weapons

Multiple Profiles: Include destiny profile name after.
Ex: !loadout waterpolotrev67

!loadout armor
!loadout d1
!loadout d1 armor
!loadout d1 slot
!loadout d1 weapons
!loadout slot
!loadout weapons

[dungeon|throne|dungeons|st] [Destiny Profile Name]

Displays Dungeon Stats:

Supported Dungeons Stats:
throne - Shattered Throne
Note: Fastest times are for full runs only.

ex: !dungeon waterpolotrev67
!throne Tor_Kallon

!nf meta
!pve d1
!pve menagerie
!pve menagerie meta
!pve meta
!pve reck
!pve reck meta
!pve weapons
!raids meta
!strikes meta
!strikes scry

[gambit|pvevp] [platform_id]

Displays Overall Gambit stats
Per Round: Average Per Single Round
Per Invasion: Average Per Single Invasion
Invaders Killed By: Deaths caused by an Enemy Invader.
K/D and Eff included both guardian and enemy kills.

Additional Gambit Commands:
!gambit classic - Displays Gambit Classic stats.
!gambit prime - Displays Gambit Prime stats.
!gambit meta - Current Top 10 Weapons for ALL guardians for ALL gambit activities.
!gambit weapons - Top 5 Personal Best Weapons in Gambit.
!gambit classic meta - Current Top 10 Weapons for ALL guardians for Gambit Classic.
!gambit prime meta - Current Top 10 Weapons for ALL guardians for Gambit Prime.

!gambit classic
!gambit classic meta
!gambit meta
!gambit prime
!gambit prime meta
!gambit scry
!gambit weapons

[elo|elos] [Destiny Profile Name]

Display your D2 Elo for the following PvP Activities:
Trials Countdown
Control Clash
Survival Supremacy

ELOs are provided by the guardians at

!elo d1
!elo past
!ib ib-mode
!ib ib-mode meta
!ib meta
!map d1
!private pm-mode
!pvp d1
!pvp meta
!pvp mode
!pvp mode meta
!pvp scry
!pvp weapons
!trials d1
!trials map
!trials meta
!trials team
!trials teammates
!trials weekly

channel [LFG|Event|stats|destiny|vendors|loadout|all|mute]

Settings that affect a specific channel. Try !help channel

To enable/disable commands at the channel level.

LFG - Turn on / off all LFG / Event features for the channel.
stats - Turn on / off all stats commands for the channel.
destiny - Turn on / off Xgerhard's Destiny command for the channel.
loadout - Turn on / off loadout commands for the channel.
vendors - Turn on / off vendor commands for the channel.

all - Turn on / off all commands for the channel. Note this overrides all other channel options.
mute - Turn on / off discussion. (Only commands allowed in the channel).

This command is for members with Administrator permissions.
This controls the channel the command was issued in.

Administrator Permission

!server ada
!server autonick
!server autonick bypass
!server autonick ignore
!server autonick ignore remove
!server autorole
!server autorole bypass
!server autorole link
!server autorole summary
!server bungie
!server clan clan_autorole
!server clan sync
!server daily
!server date
!server dcw
!server destinycommand
!server destinyroundup
!server eververse
!server game
!server game clanraids
!server game notifications
!server game role
!server goodbye
!server gunsmith
!server lfg
!server lfg alerttime
!server lfg allpublic
!server lfg channel
!server lfg discussions
!server lfg filter
!server lfg filter d1
!server lfg lifetime
!server lfg nowonly
!server platform
!server prefix
!server rank clanfilter
!server register autorole
!server seasons
!server settings
!server spider
!server theatermode
!server time
!server timezone
!server timezone default
!server timezone remove
!server trialsmap
!server unregistered
!server unregistered dm
!server updates
!server weekly
!server welcome
!server xur


Links your Destiny account with your Discord account.

Linking your account will add you to the server rankings and verify your account for all features that require
verified Bungie accounts only.

Charlemagne will send you direct message to sherpa you through the registration process.
The link provide is unique to each user and should be treated as such.

Ex: !register

Note: Bungie links 1 PSN, 1 Xbox, and 1 Blizzard profile under a single account.
By registering, Charlemagne will sync all profiles underneath the account currently signed in.
If you have more than 1 account, for example multiple profiles on the same platform,
you can now register those as well.
To do so just !register again - Make sure you are signed out of your other account.

Update Display Name: Run !register again once the change is reflected on

!user active
!user default
!user deregister
!user lfgalert
!user refresh


Displays current Ada-1 frames available.


destiny [Command] [Destiny Profile Name]

Xgerhard's awesome !destiny command.
The collection of stats you can pull via this command is found here:

Notes: These stats do not contribute to Charlemagne's ranking.
This command is maintained solely by Xgerhard.

!destiny d1