Commands Available

Information about the commands currently available for Charlemagne.

We are adding new commands pretty regularly, and we’d love to get your feedback and ideas. Join us on the Charlemagne server if you’d like to report a bug, request a command, or just tell us what you think of Charlemagne.

The default command prefix is ! (exclamation point). The examples in this guide will all use ! as the prefix symbol. If your server uses a different prefix then replace ! with that prefix as you read on.


Registering your account with Charlemagne will allow you to issue commands without entering your Destiny profiles each time. It will also add you to the leaderboards and rankings for your server/clan. Future features will require verified Destiny accounts.

Charlemagne will Direct Message you a URL to register with. This is unique to each user and should be treated as such.

  • !register

Currently Supported:



To add additional accounts be signed into those accounts and input: !register


The help command provides you with:

  • Inputs
  • Explanations
  • Subcommands (if available)

To see the list of all possible commands enter: !help by itself.

To see the help for any specific command enter: !help followed by the command name.


!help lfg

To see the help for any subcommand enter: !help followed by the command name and subcommand.


!help lfg create

In addition, these commands can be used to see information on Charlemagne:

  • !bugs: Provide a known issues list.
  • !status: Provide Charlemagne's current version and uptime.
Summary of PvE Statistics

  • !pve: Overall PVE stats, including time played, grimoire, and total raids completed.
  • !vog: Vault of Glass completions and fastest run times.
  • !crota: Crota’s End completions and fastest run times.
  • !kingsfall: King’s Fall completions and fastest run times.
  • !wotm: Wrath of the Machine completions and fastest run times.
  • Summary of Trials Statistics

  • !trials: All Trials of Osiris stats from Trials.Report.
  • !trials past: Provides historical trials stats.
  • !trials map: Provides a call-out map for the current week.
    • Can be used with a map name to provide a call-out map for any of the current crucible maps. Ex: !trials map pantheon
    • !help trials map will provide available map list.
  • !trials team: Provides a guardian's current Trials fireteam.
  • !trials teammates: Provides top 5 Trials teammates.
    • Stats are for the requested player while playing with that teammate.
  • !trials rivals: Provides top 5 Trials rivals
    • Stats are for the requested player while playing against that opponent.
  • !trials weekly: Provides current weekly Trials stats.
  • Summary of PvP Statistics

  • !pvp: Provides an overall summary of PvP performance.
  • !elo: Elo ratings from for various game modes.
    • !elo history: Past season Elo statistics
    • !help elo will provide a list of valid game modes.
  • !theater: Provides quick access to your page.
  • Display Top 5 Server Leaderboards

  • !rank: Displays the clan/server leaderboard for a given user stat; also provides a link to web-based leaderboards.
    • !help rank will provide a list of valid leaderboards.

    Ranking is server based and only contains the users that have registered with Charlemagne.

    Note: Leaderboards are updated twice daily for all registered users. To update any particular stat immediately; enter the respective command.


    To update my total raid count I would enter: !pve

    Interactive LFG Support with Auto Alerts

    Charlemagne has a Destiny-specific LFG module that helps guardians build and join groups to play their favorite activities in Destiny. !lfg allows you to to create, join, and leave activities planned for a specific day and time. Does your group run organized weekly raids? This tool will help you plan those raids and allow users to sign up for them.

    Type !help lfg and !help lfg create on your server for more detailed information on how to use Charlemagne's LFG functionality.

    All LFG activities allow for an alert to be sent out to the fireteam members 10 minutes prior to the activity's start time.

    LFG Command List

  • !lfg: Provides a list of all available LFG activities on a server.
    • This command helps you find, join, and leave LFG posts.
    • Please use the reactions that appear below as buttons.
  • !lfg create: Helps you create a new LFG post for your server.
  • !lfg join: Join an LFG post.
  • !lfg leave: Leave an LFG post.
  • Must be the LFG post creator or server admin:
    • !lfg kick: Kick a guardian from an LFG post.
    • !lfg edit: Edit an existing LFG post.
    • !lfg cancel: Cancel an LFG post.
    • !lfg alert: Ping all joined guardians for LFG Post.
    Display Loadout

  • !loadout: Shows the full loadout for all characters from your last played profile.
  • Summary of Time Spent in Destiny

  • !time: Breakdown of hours spent in Destiny.
  • !countdown: Countdown until the Cabal invasion!
  • !heatmap: Provides a link to your heatmap in Destiny 1.
  • !status psn / xbox gamertag: Provide what the guardian requested is currently playing or when they last logged in.
    • Ex:!status Tor_Kallon
    Absolute Book % Completion

  • !book: Display the absolute completion % of the Age of Triumphs Record Book.
    • Provides the fastest nightfall time and book level.
    Server Configuration

    These commands will only work for users who have Server Administrator permission on a server.

  • !server destinycommand off: Turns off the destiny command for your server.
  • !server destinycommand on: Turns on the destiny command for your server.
  • !server setprefix ?: Change the command prefix to ?; you can use anything you want in place of ?.
  • !server theatermode on: Turns on the theater mode for Trials stream information and sets it to that channel.
  • !server theatermode off: Turns off the theater mode.
  • Xgerhard’s !destiny Command

    By default, Charlemagne will also provide access to Xgerhard’s excellent !destiny command. If you would like to turn this off, your server Administrator can disable the !destiny command by typing !server destinycommand off.

    Check xgerhard’s website for a complete list of commands.