Bad Juju Exotic Review

July 14, 2019

Bad Juju is the most recent exotic weapon to be found within Destiny 2, the way to get Bad Juju is by completing 18 triumphs within the Triumph Hall. Fourteen actual triumphs, and four of the "quest steps." From there you will enter an adventure aboard the Leviathan and eliminate Taken, proceed through the adventure killing everything as you go and you will be rewarded with the gun upon completion.

Let's take a look at Bad Juju's stats:

  • Rate of fire - 450

  • Impact - 27

  • Range - 46

  • Stability - 79

  • Handling - 60

  • Reload Speed - 52

  • Magazine - 27

  • Aim Assist - 60

  • Recoil Direction - 85

String of Curses / Hammer-Forged Rifling / Steady Rounds / Hip-Fire Grip / Short-Action Stock

So Bad Juju is the latest and greatest in the exotics we’ve had to acquire, or reacquire. To be honest I never really liked Bad Juju back in Destiny 1. My love was Zhalo Supercell which could do everything Bad Juju could do with extra lightning. In Destiny 2 I’m giving it a fair shot with a blank slate; and I am impressed. String of Curses has a lot going for it, making it almost as jacked as Ace of Spades. But the rhythm of Bad Juju is a bit less complicated and only deals as one perk, versus multiple. If you used Bad Juju in Destiny 1, not too much has changed.

String of Curses increases damage in stacks, similar to Rampage and Swashbuckler; stacking up to 5 times with each kill. Upon a successful kill the entire magazine will be refilled from the ether, and depending on your stack of String of Curses your super energy will go up accordingly. Bad Juju can also be fired full-auto and the final trait is Hip-Fire Grip.

For PvE activities against minions of darkness Bad Juju will arguably reign supreme as the best bang for your buck exotic primary. If exotic energy weapons or power weapons get a major overhaul or buff you might see less Bad Juju. But as of the publishing of this review legendary grenade launchers are the kings of burning down bosses. And as long as your exotic slot isn’t being used by an energy weapon Bad Juju would be my recommendation.

I firmly believe Bad Juju will remain a top contender within Destiny 2 as a top 10 weapon for as long as the game lives. For a primary it will definitely sit top 5. However, if you have a god rolled Austringer or Spare Rations, or you’re still holding onto Year 1 with Midnight Coup, I can’t make you stop using those. But know that Bad Juju is definitely a gun worth getting. I cannot say if the Tribute Hall will be staying indefinitely so get the gun now while you still can.

Bad Juju in the Crucible is a different story. It will allow for 1-2 more supers per game if you’re meshing String of Curses with a subclass and other weapons. But 450 three-burst pulses aren’t currently meta. So you’re going into Crucible knowing full well that your pulse is at a disadvantage. I don't think Bad Juju is better than Outbreak Perfected for the Crucible. Even a well rolled Nightshade will offer a mod slot and the lightweight bonus. Making it a better option for PvP.

The catalyst for Bad Juju is acquired by completing 45 of the 50 triumphs within the Triumph Hall. The catalyst gives an additional second to the String of Curses buff. Similar to a Rampage spec for Rampage. I would highly recommend building up your discount before spending mats to get the catalyst. But it will definitely be worth it.