Destiny 2 Clan Management

May 21, 2019

Charlemagne has a variety of tools available to assist clan admins. If this is your first time using Charlemagne you may want to take a look at this getting started guide first.

Clan Sync

One of the first things you will want to do as a clan leader is sync your clan to your Discord server. This can be achieved using the command !server clan sync. You can sync multiple clans by using this command multiple times as long as the server member executing the commands meets the below requirements.

Requirements to Use
  • Manage Server Discord Permission

  • Registered With Charlemagne

  • Admin and current member of Destiny clan attempting to sync

Why sync your clan?
  • To add all clan members (registered and unregistered) to the Discord's leaderboard / rank feature

  • To unlock clan management features detailed below

  • To allow clan members to earn Warmind Rep in Charlemagne's G.A.M.E. by playing Destiny 2

You can also use !server clan desync to desync a clan. Those with "manage server" permissions can only remove their own clan, while those with "administrator permissions" are free to remove any synced clan.

Clan Commands

  • !clan - Shows a summary of clan activity and stats and membership totals

  • !clan online - Shows which clan members are currently online

  • !clan status - Shows when clan members last logged into D2

  • !clan unregistered - Charlemagne will DM you a list of clan members who have not registered with the Warmind

  • !rank clanxp - Shows current season clan xp contributions for the guardian running the command

  • !rank clanxpweekly - Show ranking of weekly clan xp contribution

  • !server rank clanfilter - Shows only clan members in leaderboards and rankings (even those not registered) This will not affect autorole assignment and non-clan members will still get any applicable roles

Guardian Activity Monitoring Engine (G.A.M.E)

On a GAME enabled server, members can earn Warmind Reputation for playing with other clan members. GAME is detailed here.


Charlemagne offers hundreds of leaderboards based on in-game stats and accomplishments. The full list of leaderboards is can be found at In order to have only clan members appear on your server leaderboards, type !server rank clanfilter and select the On reaction.

  • Must have the server ADMINISTRATOR permission to run server commands.

  • This does not affect Warmind Destiny AutoRole assignments

  • Leaderboards are updated in real time and are not retroactive. Not showing up on the K/D leaderboard? Play some more crucible and you will show up. Not showing up on the raid completions leaderboard? Complete another raid and you will show up.


There are a number of Autorole systems available to help manage your Discord membership. In addition to the GAME system mentioned above, the other systems available include:

  • Clan Autorole

    • Assign Discord roles based on clan membership and/or member status. This feature is detailed here along with some examples to get you started.

  • G.A.M.E. Autorole

    • Assign Discord roles based on the amount of Warmind rep earned through Charlemagne's G.A.M.E. feature on your server. This feature is detailed here along with some examples.

  • Register Autorole

    • Assign Discord roles based on Warmind registration status. This feature is detailed here.

  • Destiny Autorole

    • Assign Discord roles based on in-game achievements. This feature is detailed here.

Acknowledging User Participation

In addition to GAME, there are other ways can also honor active users. Twitter user @TobiBaillie started using Charlemagne's Destiny Autorole features with the Weekly Clan XP Contribution leaderboard (shortcut clanxpweekly) to grant roles to members who have completed weekly Clan XP milestones. Roles are automagically stripped away at reset each week and re-assigned when the Clan XP milestones are met. Many other clan Admins have since done the same in their own clans and Discord servers.

Identifying Active Users

In addition to the !clan status command mentioned above, there are two other ways to see member activity. To see the days a member has been idle, call up the leaderboard mentioned below and click the link to open the web site for the full leaderboard. There will be an additional "Days Idle" column visible on the web.

  • For days idle in Discord chat, use !rank warmind

  • For days idle in game, use !rank clanxp

Scheduled Events/LFG

Charlemagne's LFG/event functionality is one of her most popular features. This functionality is explained in great detail in this Scheduling Events with Charlemagne article, this Managing Scheduled Events article, and also within the #scheduled-activities channel in Charlemagne's support server.

Charlemagne's Support Server

Charlemagne's support server is available if you need help with Charlemagne, her clan management features, or even just to discuss Destiny with an awesome community.

~TheFishBoxer and KramRM