Discord Slash Commands for Destiny

March 01, 2021

What are slash commands?

Slash commands provide a new way to interact with the Warmind, Charlemagne. They help guardians find commands easier and help walk them through the command process, ensuring options are entered correctly.

How do I add slash commands to my server?

Nothing! Slash commands are automatically enabled on all Discord servers.

Note: Please do NOT remove Charlemagne from your server as you will lose ALL of your settings and data.

You MUST give the @everyone role in your server the Use External Emoji permission. The way slash commands work, this is necessary in order for Charlemagne to be able to include emojis in her slash responses.

If you don't want every role to have that permission, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Edit the permissions for all other roles you don't want to have the `use externals emoji` permission to explicitly deny access

  • If you use the her Register Autorole system (documented here) feature, these auto roles are perfect for removing the Use External Emoji permission extensively as everyone in your server will be granted either the registered or unregistered role.

How do I use slash commands?

On pc or mobile, enter a slash in the message box on a channel and server where slash commands are active. Various commands will pop up like this:

You can then either type in a command or simply click on it to select it.

You'll see the Warmind icon on the left side of the screen. You can either select her icon or scroll down to see all other bot options. The box with the slash in it will show Discord’s default commands that are integrated across servers.

Some commands have OPTIONS! Take /rank, for example. When you type in a command that has options, the options will pop up above the message box like this:

Use TAB or click to select the options you want. If an option requires input, type the input in and select TAB to highlight the information. Next, TAB again or select the next option if using more options. Otherwise, simply send the message.

Note: You do NOT have to select all options. You can use all, none, or a combination of options for these slash commands. ONLY enter the ones you want to use. An option that requires an input will return an error if left blank.

Have all of Charlemagne’s commands become slash commands?

Not yet. The following slash commands are currently active:

  • /countdown

  • /daily

  • /donate 

  • /eververse

  • /gunsmith

  • /rank

  • /spider

  • /weekly

  • /wartable

  • /xur

  • /ada

  • /raids

  • /meta

  • /analytics population (!pop)

  • /analytics activity (!pop now)

  • /game

  • /scry

  • /scan

  • /weapons

How do I use rank commands?

Rank commands are taken from Charlemagne’s extensive list of leaderboards. There are hundreds of them. To see all possible leaderboards, please visit https://warmind.io/s To avoid having to look through the entire list, try using your browser’s search functions. For example, <ctrl f>

Once you’ve found the leaderboard you’re looking for, click on the leaderboard link. The rank command for the leaderboard will be at the very top. This will be your slash command. For example, the overall pvp k/d leaderboard command is !rank kd. To enter this as a slash command, type /rank. “Leaderboard” will appear in your message line. Type the leaderboard command. In this case: kd. So: Rank → “Leaderboard” → LeaderboardCommand

Your server’s total raid completions leaderboard command is !rank raids, so you would use /rank after “leaderboard” pops up, enter: raids. If that’s all you want to see, send the message. Otherwise, select the options and information you want before selecting enter.

You can then decide if you want to add a limited number of rows or a guardian name. Tab or click on the options you want.

Do NOT select an option if you’re not going to provide input, it will cause an error.  (Note: you do NOT need to enter your own name. Charlemagne knows who you are. Also, as this is still in beta, she is currently unable to find ALL guardians across multiple platforms, so please do not report this as a bug. We are aware and are  working on it.)

Current most common active rank commands:

  • kd

  • maxpower

  • dsc

  • season

  • eff

  • valor

  • pvpkills

  • glory

  • raids

  • activetime

How do I provide feedback or notify you if I encounter an issue with slash commands?

Please share feedback with us or report bugs by posting in the “Feature-Requests” or “Bugs” Channels of my support server here

Will all of Charlemagne’s commands change to slash commands?

The goal is to provide all of the same functionality, though the exact commands will change in some places. We are taking the time to improve commands as they are brought over to slash commands. Also, some outdated or very rarely used commands will not. At the end of this beta, my firmware will be upgraded to v2.0 and you'll find my Discord interface faster, easier to use, and more stable.