Forsaken Curated Weapons Breakdown

May 02, 2019

Hello Guardians, my name is PandaPax with r/sharditkeepit. Since Forsaken dropped and random rolls were added Bungie snuck in a treat for us to find. Curated rolls were added as sort of exotically rolled legendaries. They were added in as potential Nightfall rewards, loot drops, and now with Gambit Prime you can get a curated roll by completing a synth worthy action.

The biggest question is, what defines a curated roll?

  • A curated roll is a roll made by Bungie similar to a Pinnacle Weapon. It comes fully masterworked and has one set roll.

Typically when I do these sorts of breakdowns I include the base stats for the weapon. However, since the curated weapons are static I decided to show the stats you would get for that curated weapon. To help make this easier I organized each curated weapon into their respective encounters, and they will be listed alphabetically in the order of Kinetic, Energy, and Power. I have also included where you can get them.

I have also done other breakdowns on Black Armory weapons and Joker's Wild weapons.

Happy hunting Guardians!

Dreaming City

Twilight Oath (Solar Sniper Rifle) - Dreaming City Activities

  • Rate of Fire: 140

  • Impact: 55

  • Range: 30

  • Stability: 65

  • Handling: 73

  • Reload Speed: 62

  • Mag size: 5

  • Aim Assist: 70

  • Recoil Direction: 70

Rapid-Fire Frame / Chambered Compensator / Steady Rounds / Snapshot / Box Breathing / Handling MW

The only way to get snapshot on a Twilight Oath is through the Curated version. Box Breathing helps extend the range after being scoped in for a short time. This pairing makes the Curated Twilight Oath one of the best options for an energy sniper, especially of the 140 RPM variant. There are definitely better PvE rolls that also include Box Breathing and you can get by in PvP with higher handling and Opening Shot, but for consistency and snappiness in PvP you cannot pass up this roll. Now, if only I could get it to drop.

Vouchsafe (Void Scout Rifle) - Dreaming City Activities

  • Rate of Fire: 200

  • Impact: 60

  • Range: 40

  • Stability: 57

  • Handling: 80

  • Reload Speed: 73

  • Mag size: 16

  • Recoil Direction: 47

  • Aim Assist: 73

Lightweight Frame / Fluted Barrel / Flared Magwell / Dragonfly / Zen Moment / Stability MW

Vouchsafe is an interesting weapon. It’s in the same archetype as MIDA Multi-Tool and offers different perks and weapon model. Between the two I might prefer MIDA over the Curated Vouchsafe simply because of Vouchsafe doesn’t feel as strong as other options. MIDA has much better stats for PvP, and in PvE other void energy weapons will easily surpass the Vouchsafe. While Dragonfly is neat, it falls into the same problem as Oxygen SR4, for me, scout rifles just don’t feel strong.


Trust (Solar Hand Cannon) - Gambit; first reset

  • Rate of Fire: 180

  • Impact: 78

  • Range: 63

  • Stability: 67

  • Handling: 42

  • Reload Speed: 64

  • Mag size: 9

  • Aim Assist: 78

  • Recoil Direction: 96

Precision Frame / Smallbore / Light Mag / Genesis / Explosive Payload / Range MW

For controller players the Curated Trust is one of the few weapons you can transition from PvE to PvP with and not feel remarkably different. The combination of range perks puts it above other 180s on a base level and Explosive Payload will cause extra flinch in PvP and artificially extend your range. In PvE Explosive Rounds is one of the few ways a hand cannon can keep up with scouts and pulse rifles. For M&K players the Trust is a solid option but other archetypes will easily surpass this. For all players if you like 180s the Curated Trust is a fantastic option until you get a Service Revolver or a better rolled Trust.

Bad Omens (Void Rocket Launcher) - Gambit; second reset

  • Rate of Fire: 25

  • Blast Radius: 72

  • Velocity: 70

  • Stability: 43

  • Handling: 24

  • Reload Speed: 65

  • Mag size: 1

  • Aim Assist: 34

  • Recoil Direction: 76

Aggressive Frame / Volatile Launch / Impact Casing / Tracking Module / Cluster Bomb / Blast Radius MW

For all the cheese you could ever want look no further than the Curated Bad Omens. Jokes aside the Curated Bad Omens is a fantastic void rocket launcher for low level PvE, Void Activities, and most importantly Gambit. In Gambit Prime it loses some shine but in the original Gambit the Envoys have void shields and one rocket will down them to start your Primeval Slayer Stacks. Impact Casing and Tracking Module allow for high damage, fire-and-forget rockets. Cluster Bombs did receive a bit of a nerf recently but the area of effect damage can wipe out groups of enemies or do increased damage to bosses. In PvP rockets will kill anything as long as they hit, so the only utility here is tracking. Cluster Bombs is nice for potential splash damage but is unreliable at best.

Nightfall Exclusive Weapons

The Militia's Birthright (Kinetic Grenade Launcher) - Lake of Shadows

  • Rate of Fire: 90

  • Blast Radius: 5

  • Velocity: 84

  • Stability: 40

  • Reload Speed: 80

  • Handling: 67

  • Mag size: 1

  • Recoil Direction: 62

  • Aim Assist: 75

Lightweight Frame / Countermass / Blinding Grenades / Genesis / Threat Detector / Velocity MW

First up we have the Milita’s Birthright. The only Kinetic tube fed grenade launcher. However, the curated roll is not something you want to invest time into getting. Genesis does not work in PvP and the very low blast radius makes it very hard to use in PvE. Blinding Grenades are nice and niche, but the overall utility is lost when other rolls can have better synergy for PvP or PvE.

Warden's Law (Kinetic Hand Cannon) - Warden of Nothing

  • Rate of Fire: 110

  • Impact: 92

  • Range: 78

  • Stability: 45

  • Handling: 32

  • Reload Speed: 34

  • Mag size: 8

  • Recoil Direction: 97

  • Aim Assist: 68

Double Shot Frame / Hitmark HCS / Ricochet Rounds / Rampage / Zen Moment / Range MW

Ah the Warden’s Law, a hand cannon that had its signature perk tossed aside. The Double Shot Frame is interesting to say the least, but it does mean that improper aim can lead to lost damage. Zen Moment is nice, but not necessary on such a slow firing hand cannon. Certainly can be better through farming. Rolls for PvE include Outlaw or Feeding Frenzy, and more range for PvP.

Horror's Least (Arc Pulse Rifle)- The Corrupted

  • Rate of Fire: 540

  • Impact: 23

  • Range: 50

  • Stability: 63

  • Handling: 30

  • Reload Speed: 24

  • Mag Size: 45

  • Aim Assist: 82

  • Recoil Direction: 55

Rapid- Fire Frame / Hammer-Forged Rifling / Extended Mag / Zen Moment / Outlaw / Stability MW

This might be a great all around pulse rifle if you fancy Rapid-Fire Pulses. Extended Mag coupled with Outlaw means more bullets with a faster reload. Coupled with Zen Moment and the faster fire rate means that your shots are going to land where you want them at maximum RPM. The issue is a lack of damage increasing perks for PvE and this archetype isn’t in the best spot for PvP. Either way it’s a good workhorse of a weapon.

The Long Goodbye (Arc Sniper Rifle) - Insight Terminus

  • Rate of Fire: 90

  • Impact: 70

  • Range: 59

  • Stability: 62

  • Handling: 55

  • Reload Speed: 59

  • Mag size: 4

  • Aim Assist: 55

  • Recoil Direction: 62

Adaptive Frame / Polygonal Rifling / Light Mag / Rangefinder / Rapid Hit / Handling MW

I’m curious as to who wanted Rangefinder on a sniper rifle. Snipers already have higher ranges than almost all other weapons, adding a 1.1x zoom modification just seems unnecessary. Rapid Hit on the other hand is highly appreciated. Increasing stability and reload speed without needing a kill will allow you to really hammer into those bosses and beefier majors. I would have liked to see Fourth Times the Charm or Extended Mag to really reap the benefits of Rapid Hit. The masterwork is appreciated for better handling, but for PvP Snapshot is a must.

Mindbender’s Ambition (Solar Shotgun) - The Hollowed Lair

  • Rate of Fire: 55

  • Impact: 80

  • Range: 50

  • Stability: 50

  • Handling: 24

  • Reload Speed: 45

  • Mag size: 5

  • Aim Assist: 39

  • Recoil Direction: 69

Aggressive Frame / Rifled Barrel / Steady Rounds / Opening Shot / Rampage / Range MW

Finally a weapon I can fully recommend. The Mindbender’s Ambition is of of the best energy shotguns you can find. The Curated comes with Opening Shot which is the only way to get this perk on this weapon. I find that even with Steady Rounds, Opening Shot really helps Mindbender’s feel consistent. I wouldn’t recommend the Curated Mindbender’s Ambition in PvE, but it can do some serious work with Rampage, the issue is the small magazine size and slow reload speed. Some perks to help it in PvE are Slideshot and Tactical Mag.

Last Wish

Chattering Bone (Kinetic Pulse Rifle) - Ethereal Key chests

  • Rate of Fire: 450

  • Impact: 27

  • Range: 57

  • Stability: 61

  • Handling: 78

  • Reload Speed: 76

  • Mag size: 33

  • Aim Assist: 71

  • Recoil Direction: 57

Lightweight Frame / Corkscrew Rifling / Light Mag / Kill Clip / High-Impact Reserves / Range MW

The Curated Chattering Bone has damage for days. Kill Clip at the top of the magazine and High-Impact Reserves at the bottom. Always keeping up damage in one way or the other. For PvP I don’t think it will be better than a randomly rolled Chattering Bone or a Bygones or a Blast Furnace, However, the place for this weapon is much better suited for PvE where keeping damage up at each end of the magazine is simple enough for players and helps out in every corner of PvE. I would have liked to see a better barrel to help the recoil direction and High-Caliber Rounds or Ricochet Rounds to help the stability, but 61 stability is more than enough.

Transfiguration (Kinetic Scout Rifle) - Shuro Chi

  • Rate of Fire: 150

  • Impact: 67

  • Range: 81

  • Stability: 34

  • Handling: 50

  • Reload Speed: 50

  • Mag size: 14

  • Aim Assist: 29

  • Recoil Direction: 78

High-Impact Frame / Fluted Barrel / Light Mag / Outlaw / Explosive Payload / Reload Speed MW

High-Impact scout rifles have always had a place within PvP and PvE; long distance, passive play. The Curated Transfiguration is one of the few weapons where all of the perks make sense. Fluted Barrel helps the sluggish handling, and Outlaw increases the abysmal reload speed. Explosive Payload helps against shielded enemies as well as carrying out damage further and Light Mag also increases the reload. I would have liked to see Kill Clip and Steady Rounds, but you can already get Kill Clip / Rampage on this weapon. So that might be what to look for instead of this roll. It’s nothing flashy, but does good work.

Age-Old Bond (Void Auto Rifle) - Kalli

  • Rate of Fire: 360

  • Impact: 33

  • Range: 100

  • Stability: 26

  • Handling: 35

  • Reload Speed: 50

  • Mag size: 32

  • Aim Assist: 61

  • Recoil Direction: 79

High-Impact Frame Extended Barrel / Light Mag / Fourth Time’s the Charm / Rampage / Range MW

The Curated Age-Old Bond does two things well; It’s got a lot of range and it does a lot of damage. Fourth Time’s the Charm allows the weapons mag to be extended as long as you’re hitting your crits and will allow for some heavier damage against bosses and majors. Rampage with this artificially extended magazine will have you tearing through enemies left and right. The barrel / magazine / masterwork all work in tandem to keep this high damage train going at ranges you should not be using and auto rifle. If I could change one thing it would be to put some of the range into stability, because all that range does not matter if you can’t hit anything.

Nation of Beasts (Arc Hand Cannon) - Morgeth

  • Rate of Fire: 140

  • Impact: 84

  • Range: 73

  • Stability: 52

  • Handling: 43

  • Reload Speed: 60

  • Mag size: 10

  • Aim Assist: 71

  • Recoil Direction: 95

Adaptive Frame / Full Bore / Light Mag / Outlaw / Dragonfly / Range MW

Ah, good old Fatebringer. Is this Fatebringer 3.0? Because technically Fatebringer was brought back in Age of Triumph? Either way the Nation of Beasts fills a hole I did not know I had. No other hand cannon can roll the iconic Outlaw / Dragonfly combination, which means the Curated Nation of Beasts is the only way to get your Fakebringer Feels on. In terms of PvP viability is is useable, but there are better options and ones with kill clip or rampage or both that allow for some absolutely silly plays. Stick to PvE my nostalgic guardians.

Tyranny of Heaven (Solar Combat Bow) - Vault

  • Draw Time: 600

  • Impact: 68

  • Accuracy: 52

  • Stability: 63

  • Handling: 61

  • Reload Speed: 28

  • Inventory: 67

  • Aim Assist: 74

  • Recoil Direction: 54

Lightweight Frame /  Flexible String / Straight Fletching / Sneak Bow / Dragonfly / Draw Time MW

I’m not sure how to feel about this weapon. Dragonfly is nice, and Sneak Bow will allow you to hold the draw time for longer. But coming from Subtle Calamity the Tyranny of Heaven feels...awkward? I can’t quite put my finger on it.It might just be the model for me. As a solar bow it will be fine and will easily beat the Vow for add clear, it’s just other solar options are better and have better continuous damage.