Lumina Quest Guide

July 29, 2019

The Lumina exotic hand cannon introduces some new mechanics as it allows the bearer to fire healing shots to support their allies. Here is how you can acquire it for yourself.

Starting the quest

You will start in the same place that Thorn starts - at the old encampment on EDZ.

You will be given a legendary System Positioning Device that will tell you the general location of a chest you need to loot. (Note: this location changes on the hour, every hour)

The locations for each chest are:

  • Shaft 13, EDZ - Inside a room in the hallway just before you drop into the main area for the lost sector.

  • Sinking Docks, Titan - Chest is on the a platform in just after the first room of the Docks, when coming in from Siren's Watch.

  • The Mists, Nessus - Enter the cave in The Tangle where you start the Insight Terminus strike. Follow along until you get to the open area with the chasm in the middle. Jump across and follow along the right edge of the platform. There will be a small ledge to drop down and a hallway will take you to a small room with the chest.

  • Excavation Site 2, Io - enter the site from Giants scar and the chest is in the last room, under the big window.

  • Mercury - This chest is only available during the public event (yay!) It is on top of the east platform where you make the event heroic.

  • Alton Dynamo, Mars - After the first Dynamo room, turn left and you will be in a small room with a handful of Hive. Along the right side of the wall, there is a vent. Shoot it and follow the ducts to find a room with the chest. There also is a Sleeper Node in this room.

  • High Plains, Tangled Shore - Enter the High Plains from Four Horn Gulch and head for the middle of the area. There are some small rocks tied together, and the chest will be on a sunken platform on the side of one of the rocks.

  • Spine of Keres, Dreaming City - When you get to the Observatory, head to the left, and after the second set of stairs, there is an island to the left. The chest will be under a crooked tree.

Once you loot the chest you will be given Rose, a legendary 150 RPM hand cannon.

Restoring Rose

To neutralize the darkness in the weapon, you have to generate 250 Orbs of Light as a fireteam. This can be done with any weapon in any activity.

The next step will have you upgrade Rose through various different activities and requirements. These will unlock perks for the weapon. You can complete these in any order.

  • 50,000 score Nightfall

  • Get multikills without reloading

  • Complete Blind Well, Forges, or Escalation Protocol

After fully upgrading Rose you will be tasked with completing activities with Rose equipped. The more guardians using Rose the more progress you will make.

Purifying Rose

The next step requires you to:

  • Generate 50 Orbs of Light anywhere

  • Kill guardians with any hand cannon. Can be invaders or in the Crucible. (4% for your own kills, and 1% for teammates)

  • Kill a Gambit Invader shortly after they have invaded you (first ten seconds), and before they kill any of your teammates. This is tied to the "Not On My Watch" medal.

Finally you have to complete any version of the Will of Thousands strike, the easiest being selecting it from the Mars map. During this strike you will have to destroy 11 crystals and defeat Xol with Rose equipped. Rose is the only weapon that can destroy the crystals and you will get a small super energy boost for every crystal that is destroyed.

After Xol is defeated Lumina will drop right into your inventory, and Rose will be removed. If you would like you can reacquire Rose through your collections. Now that you have it, check out the review to see how Lumina performs.

~PandaPax and KramRM