Managing Scheduled Events

May 21, 2019

Charlemagne has the ability to help guardians schedule events to play together. Once Charlemagne has been added to your Discord server (see the Getting Started guide for details on that), any user is able to create events.

How Do I Set Up Charlemagne's LFG/Event Feature?

There are various ways to do this, but here are the steps that we recommend. In order to complete these steps, you must have the Administrator permission on your Discord Server.

  1. Create a channel where you want the LFG posts to appear.

  2. Ensure that Charlemagne's role is added to that channel

  3. In that channel type: !server lfg channel

This will create a channel where ONLY lfg commands can be entered. All other text will be deleted in order to keep the channel free of conversation.

If an event is created in another channel, it will automatically post to the LFG channel after creation.

How Do I Use Charlemagne's LFG/Event Feature?

The LFG module utilizes reactions to imitate buttons. By selecting these reactions under the message, Charlemagne will respond accordingly. The best explanations can be found by entering the help commands:

!help lfg and !help lfg create

Note: You must be registered with Charlemagne to use any LFG command, including create and join. If you are registered you can add others who are NOT registered, but they cannot use the commands to add themselves to the LFG post.

How Do I Create An Event?

  1. Go to a server channel where Charlemagne can respond and type !lfg create

  2. Select the corresponding reaction underneath for the MODE you are wanting to run.

  3. Select the corresponding reaction underneath for the ACTIVITY you are wanting to run.

  4. Enter a description for the activity or enter NONE

  5. Enter a date, time, and timezone: 4:(for example: 6/27 6:00pm ct) Any info left out will use the default info displayed. See our article on working with event time.

  6. If the server platform is not set, enter which platform you are creating the event for by selecting the appropriate symbol underneath the event.

  • For private matches, type: !lfg create private

  • For D1 lfg features, type: !lfg create d1

Example: Creating a LFG Event

How Do I Join/Leave/Join As An Alternate A Posted LFG/Event?

You must be registered with Charlemagne in order to use the following features

  • To join an event, click on the + sign underneath the lfg post.

  • To leave an event, click on the - sign underneath the lfg post

  • To join as an alt, click on the ? underneath the lfg post

Note: If you join as an alt, Charlemagne will not automatically bump you up on the list if someone drops out. In order to be automatically bumped up the list, you must join an event after it is full and allow Charlemagne to put you in the alt slot.

For example: Joining an event and Leaving an event

How Do I Add Other People To A Posted LFG/Event?

If the Guardian is registered with Charlemagne: (Do not include the < >)

  • !lfg join <join ID> <discord username>

    • For example !lfg join 278 @LoraTheXplorer

If the Guardian is not registered with Charlemagne or are not in your server: (Do not include the < >)

  • !lfg join <join ID> <Destiny profile name>

    • For example: !lfg join 278 waterpolotrev67

Note: The same steps can be used for join/leave/join alt commands

What Are The Other LFG/Event Commands?

The default prefix for Charlemagne is: !, however this can be changed by an Admin in your server, so keep that in mind when running commands.

Basic User LFG Commands

Do not include the < > in the command

  • !lfg create - create an event post

  • !lfg join <join ID> - join an event

  • !lfg join alt <join ID> - join an event as an alternate

  • !lfg leave <join ID> - leave an event

  • !lfg search - search through all joinable event posts using preferred filters

LFG Creator Commands

Do not include the < > in the command. Guardians with the Discord Administrator permission (the actual permission, not just Admin in name) can use all LFG commands even if they didn't create an event.

  • !lfg <join ID> - will post an event you created from one server/channel to another

  • !lfg alert - ping all fireteam members

  • !lfg cancel <join ID> - allows lfg creator to cancel an event. You can also cancel an event by deleting it

  • !lfg copy - allows you to copy event details to a new event

  • !lfg delete <join ID> - allows lfg creator/admin to delete an event

  • !lfg edit <join ID> - allows lfg creator to edit a post

  • !lfg edit <detail> <join ID> - chose one part of the event to edit

  • !lfg public <join ID> - posts to all publicly enabled channels across Discord

  • !lfg recur <join ID> - sets an event to recur weekly

There are also a few reactions that you can use in place of commands. Instead of typing commands, react to the post with these emojis:

  • :x: delete

  • :regional_indicator_c: copy

  • :regional_indicator_p: public

  • :regional_indicator_r: recur

Server Administrator Commands

  • !server lfg alerttime - change server setting for when a fireteam is alerted via dm. Default is 10 mins.

  • !server lfg discussions - creates a temporary channel where guardians who have joined an event can chat about it, since in an LFG channel chat is auto-deleted

  • !lfg channel pause - pauses lfg channel in order for an admin to post 1 message

  • !server lfg filter - Configures server lfg channels to filter types (activity, version, platform, etc)

  • !server lfg lifetime - Sets how long posts will remain in LFG channel after event start time

  • !server lfg nowonly - Sets all newly created event start-times, to current time

  • !server platform - Sets your server platform to PC, PS or XBox which affects leaderboards, stat commands, lfg, AutoRole and AutoNick

    • The Platform filter is discussed in the Getting Started article, and it is strongly suggested you read up on this before activating.

  • !server time - Set server date format to M/D or D/M

  • !server timezone/tz - Specify your server's timezone

    • You can reference our event time article for more information on how Charlemagne works with different time zones.

Can I Set Up Different Channels For Various LFG/Events?

If you are a server Administrator, you can set up various filters in channels in order to separate different LFG/Events. By using the !server lfg filter within a channel, you can set as many combinations of filters as you'd like, depending on what you want your parameters to be. You can do this in various channels in order to create different "types" of event channels.

If you do not set a filter, none will be applied. If you only set one filter, only that one filter will be applied and the rest of the default information will not post. For example, if the only filter you apply is the platform filter: psn, then only psn lfg events will post to that channel regardless of activity, time zones, etc.

If you set a filter for Platform: Xbox, Activity: Raids,Version: D2,Time zone: Central then only Xbox D2 Raids scheduled with Central time will post to that channel.

The following filters are currently available:

  • Activity

  • Platform

  • Timezone

  • Version

  • Public (this must be enabled to allow public events to post to a channel)

  • Channel

For d1 lfg filters: !server lfg filter d1

For more information: !help server lfg filter

For example: Enabling LFG Channel

What Is Charlemagne's Default Timezone?

Isn't everyone on Bungie Time? Her default timezone is Pacific Time! You can, however change your server's default timezone by typing !server <timezone/tz> <new tz> (Do not include the < >)

For example: !server timezone central

The default timezone is applied to all LFG posts created if timezone information is not supplied during the time step. To see a list of current available timezones, type !timezone. If your timezone is missing from !timezones, or your country has stopped observing DST, head over Charlemagne's home server and look for the #feature-requests channel to state your request. Some information or background can help the team help you faster (is the timezone requested the same as any currently in existence). If you have any questions around how the Warmind handles time, #ask-help-here is always open to offer assistance.

Is There A Way To See LFG/Events In My Timezone?

At the bottom of the LFG/EVENT post, the event time and date will be displayed in YOUR timezone.

~LoraTheXplorer and KramRM