Outbreak Perfected Quest Guide

May 09, 2019

Outbreak Perfected Quest

Coming as a surprise in the middle of the Season of the Drifter, an exotic quest is available to acquire Outbreak Perfected. This exotic is a kinetic pulse rifle that creates SIVA nanite swarms on rapid hits and precision kills. It is very similar to the Destiny 1 weapon Outbreak Prime. This guide will assist you in completing the quest steps to unlock this weapon for your own collection.

This guide will be updated as strategies and best approaches emerge. Bookmark this page and check back for the latest.

The basic steps for this quest include:

  • Acquire the Fallen Transponder on Titan

  • Collect Six Data Nodes

  • Decipher the String puzzle

  • Complete the Zero Hour mission on the Farm

Starting the Quest

In order to start this quest, you have to have completed the Enemy Of My Enemy quest line on Titan. This is the blue world quest that is available once you finish the main campaign.

To begin the process of acquiring the weapon, head over to Titan and head towards Tidal Anchor. You will come across a small room just before the big hole to drop down outside. If you look to the left wall, there will be a door that will have an action to let you Unlock it. In the middle of the room, there will be a desk with a Fallen Transponder. Pick it up to start the quest.

Data Nodes

The next step requires you to find 6 Data Nodes throughout the world. These can be done in any order.

  1. The Drain lost sector, located in the EDZ. If you head straight through the building to the cave area, then drop down to the lower section, the node is on a platform in the back left corner.

  2. Whispered Falls lost sector, located on the EDZ. As soon you enter the lost sector, drop down to the bottom of the cavern and follow the right wall to a small cave with the node.

  3. Atrium lost sector, located on the EDZ. Once you drop down after the first room, there is an empty storage room to the left. The node will be in the far back left corner on the floor.

  4. Widow's Walk lost sector, located on the EDZ. When looking at the front of the cache, the node will be just to the left, inside the upper floor of the building.

  5. Carrion Pit lost sector, located on Nessus. Directly right of the chest will be the data node hidden against the right wall, behind some black panels.

  6. Rift lost sector, located on Nessus. As you enter the room with the boss and chest, there is a high ledge on the right side of the room. The node will be inside the crate on the end.

The String

Once you have collected the data nodes, the following string will appear on the transponder.

1((3000)o20)(JS01)((3000b2))(EA3Q)((3000) r20)2((3000)p18)(WJOS)(3000)(1J0E)(3000)( AT3W)(3000)(XW3G)((3000)k18)3((3000)a16 )(JE0A)(3000)(TZOX)(3000)(WJOS)(1J3B)(30 00)(AT3W)(3000)(XW3G)((3000)k16)4((3000 )a14)(JE0A)(3000)(TZOX)(3000)(WJOS)((300 0)a4)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U)(3000)(WJ3P)((300 0)a14)5((3000)b12)(EAOT)(3000)(ZXOW)((30 00)b6)(00Q7)((3000)a6)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U) ((3000)o12)6((3000)b10)(SI0J)(3000)(EAOT)( (3000)r4)(XWOJ)(S13G)((3000)w4)(ATOZ)(X W3G)((3000)k3)(IJ3B)(3000)(AT3W)((3000)p 10)7((3000)o8)(JS01)(3000)(JE0A)((3000)14)( ZXOW)(JS3F)(JE3X)(3000)(TZ3U)(WJOS)(30 00)(1J0E)(ATOZ)(XW3G)((3000)k3)(1J3B)(300 0)(AT3W)((3000)p8)8((3000)o6)(JS01)(3000) (JE0A)((3000)14)(ZXOW)(005J)(005S)(0051)( 005J)(EA3Q)(ZX3T)(3000)(JS01)(JE0A)(005 T)(005Z)(005X)(005W)(JS3F)((3000)b4)(EA 3Q)(3000)(ZX3T)((3000)b6)9((3000)k4)(1J0 E)(3000)(ATOZ)((3000)p12)(WJOS)(0051)(00 5J)(EA3Q)((3000)02)(XW3G)(3000)(S13G)((3 000)w4)10((3000)s5)(TZOX)((3000)o32)(JS3 F)((3000)b5)

Zero Hour

The final mission is power level 690, and can be started by visiting The Farm. As soon as you load in, look to the right and there is a basement door. Continue down to the back of the basement and Rendezvous to start the mission. Once started, you will have 20 minutes to complete the mission.

Tower Area

This is fairly straightforward. Progress through, keeping an eye on the shielded enemies. There are blockades every few rooms, which will lift once all enemies have been defeated. Continue along until you drop down into a hanger with an aircraft sitting to the left.


Enter the vents via the stairs under the front of the aircraft. Follow the ducting until you come out into a large, brown room. You want to go into the vent on the opposite wall to the right. Carefully jump to the platform on the right end, then jump to the vent. Continue through until you come out onto another, similar brown room. Drop down to the platform and enter the vent on the far right side. Watch out for the grates that will fall once someone lands on them.

If you are getting lost in the venting then another route is to go through the destructible vent behind the toolbox. You then turn right and immediately make another right. You will come out into a room with six openings. You want to go through the opening directly below where you are standing. After that just follow the path for a bit.

Continue until you are outside with two suspended cranes. Turn around and look down below where you just came out. Way down below. There are a series of platforms recessed underneath. Either fall down and then jump back up to the scaffolding, or jump way down to the platform on the left and then jump across to the scaffolding. The first one down can extend a platform to make it easier for the rest of the team to jump down from the cranes. Go to the upper level of of the scaffolds. The vent to jump up to will be directly above red boxes.

The next area will be a large shaft you will need to descend, fans will hinder your descent and will kill you on contact. There will be a large red opening on one side that will let you down. Drop on to the center of the fan and then drop down the next red opening, landing on the center of the next fan. Repeat until you are at the bottom.

Sweeper Maze

As you enter the control room, there is a monitor that has a map of the of the sweeper maze. There are four switches around the outside of the room that need to be activated to open the exit. Enter the vents on the right side of the room to drop down into the maze. Make your way carefully around, avoiding the "sweeping death" robot TR3-VR. There are small areas every so often along the inside wall where you can crouch in to avoid being caught. Once all four switches have been triggered, head for the far end of the room. Just past the exit, there will be a room with platforms around the outside. Activate one and ride it to the top, making to jump off before it plummets back down to your death.

Continue until you come across a "slide". Make sure to avoid the obstacles on the right and then the left, and jump at the end to avoid slamming into the wall. Enter the small room to the left, and look for a vent on the right wall at the top of the stairs.

You will drop down into a storage room with a number of pallets, as you get close to one of the walls, a passageway will open, leading you into a large hall. Go to the far right corner and drop down the hole. Continue through the rooms and jump up into the vent at the end. This should drop you down into the boss area.

Boss Room

In order to complete the mission, all enemies in the room need to be taken out. You will be up against a variety of Fallen enemies, including a captain, two large servitors, two walkers, and various shielded shanks. Once all the Fallen are defeated, you will be given your new toy. Enjoy!

The Catalyst

Once you have finished the mission, the heroic version at power level 700 becomes available on the main EDZ map. This version will drop the masterwork catalyst. There are some slight differences in this version, and a walk through on those changes will be coming.

~KramRM and PandaPax