Pinnacle Weapon List

June 17, 2019

Do you have pinnacle weapons in your pursuit list, but can't keep track of which one is which? This list will help you keep track of which pursuit grants which weapon, and what steps are needed to acquire it.

Forsaken - Season 4

Luna's Howl (Remembrance - Shaxx)

  1. Shock and Denial: Complete 10 Competitive Crucible matches

  2. Pain and Guilt: 150 Hand Cannon kills in Competitive Crucible

  3. Anger and Bargaining: 200 solar kills in Competitive Crucible

  4. Depression and Loneliness: Complete 3 matches in Rumble Crucible

  5. The Upward Turn: 100 precision Hand Cannon kills in Competitive Crucible

  6. Reconstruction: Reach Fabled Glory rank

Not Forgotten (Keepsake - Shaxx)

  1. Hope: 300 kills with Luna's Howl in Competitive Crucible

  2. Always Faithful: Reach Legend Glory rank

Redrix's Broadsword (Forging the Broadsword - Shaxx)

  1. Orientation: 200 pulse rifle final blows in the Crucible

  2. Shape of Things To Come: Reach Heroic Valor rank

  3. The Candidate: Rapidly defeat 75 opponents in group of two or more in the Crucible

  4. Dead is Dead: 150 precision pulse rifle kills in the Crucible

  5. Further Instructions: 50 kills each with Arc, Solar, and Void kills in the Crucible

  6. This Place Is Death: Complete 25 matches each of Quickplay, Competitive, and Rumble

  7. The Constant: Complete 20 Crucible bounties

  8. The Beginning of the End: Reset Valor rank five times in one season

Season of the Forge (5)

The Mountaintop (The Ascent - Shaxx)

  1. First of Many: Reach Brave Glory rank

  2. The Third Wave: Complete "In Pursuit of Honor" triumph

    • 750 grenade launcher final blows in the Crucible

    • 75 opponents rapidly defeated in the Crucible

    • 50 "Calculated Trajectory" medals earned in the Crucible (defeat three opponents with grenade launcher kills in a single life)

    • 1x points for Quickplay, 2x for Iron Banner, 3x for Competitive

  3. No Second Chances: Reach Fabled Glory rank

Breakneck (Before The Storm - Drifter)

  • 500 auto rifle kills in Gambit/Prime

  • 100 auto rifle multikills in Gambit/Prime

  • 150 challenging enemies defeated in Gambit/Prime

  • 40 Gambit/Prime matches completed

Loaded Question (Countdown To Zero - Zavala)

  • 500 fusion rifle kills in strikes

  • 1000 arc kills in strikes

  • 40 strike activities completed

Season of the Drifter (6)

The Recluse (From the Mouth of Babes - Shaxx)

  • Complete "The Stuff of Myth" triumph

    • 100 Crucible Wins (Competitive and Iron Banner grant more progress)

    • Reach Fabled Glory rank

21% Delirium (By Your Bootstraps - Drifter)

  • Complete "Notorious Hustle" triumph

    • 75 multikills in Gambit/Prime

    • 350 Envoys and Primevals defeated

    • Reset Infamy rank

Oxygen SR3 (Redeployment - Zavala)

  • Complete "The Best Offense" triumph

    • 1000 precision final blows in any strike activity

    • 500 orbs generated in any strike activity

    • 75 Strikes and Nightfalls completed

Season of Opulence (7)

Revoker (In Your Sights - Shaxx)

  • 300 sniper rifle final blows in the Crucible

  • 50 precision sniper rifle final blows in the Crucible

  • 3500 Glory points earned (total points earned, losses do not deter progress)

Hush (Hush, Little Baby - Drifter)

  • 1000 final blows with a bow in Gambit/Prime

  • 500 precision final blows with a bow in Gambit/Prime

  • 600 medals earned in Gambit/Prime

Wendigo GL3 (A Gift for the Worthy - Zavala)

  • 1500 grenade launcher kills in playlist strikes

  • 500 grenade launcher multikills in playlist strikes

  • 15000 points from defeating enemies in playlist strikes