Revoker Review

June 10, 2019

Hello, my name is PandaPax and I have spent quite a long time with Revoker. I acquired this season's Crucible pinnacle weapon pretty early but decided to really put it through a lot of play time to give the best decision on whether or not you should get this gun.

In Your Sights

  • 300 Kills with Sniper Rifles

  • 50 Precision Kills with Sniper Rifles

  • 3500 Glory *

* The glory gained is cumulative throughout the season and does not represent your current glory rank.

Revoker's Stats:

  • Rate of Fire: 72

  • Impact: 90

  • Range: 98

  • Stability: 34

  • Handling: 31

  • Reload Speed: 37

  • Magazine: 3

  • Aim Assist: 44

  • Recoil Direction: 72

  • Zoom: 35

Aggressive Frame / Extended Barrel / Accurized Rounds / Snapshot Sights / Reversal of Fortune

The road to Revoker was a three day marathon. I mainly duo queued with a clanmate of mine and we didn't worry too much about points because Revoker does not need you to obtain Fabled rank. I mainly used The Last Word and a non-curated Twilight Oath for the entire time. Occasionally switching to a Supremacy and Luna's Howl for Clash and Control.

I have now had Revoker for the past month, and 600+ kills later I can confidently say it is one of my favorite sniper rifles in Destiny 2. For some background, I have been pairing Revoker with a near max range Kindled Orchid or a decently rolled Waking Vigil to pretty good success, and I am typically on Attunment of Fission (Nova Warp) with Astrocyte Verse.

Revoker compliments a very aggressive play style and I can obtain that with the enhanced blink ability from Astrocyte Verse. With this helmet you can blink further and higher, as well as ready your weapons faster after blinking which makes up for Revoker's low handling, of 31. I also threw on a Freehand Mod for a slightly faster ready speed and better hip-fire accuracy.

My first few games with it I really wanted to just go back to TLW / Twilight Oath, considering I had just used those two weapons for three days straight. But after a many, many games; and familiarizing myself with Revoker, it just feels too good to put down. The 98 range does weird things to hit boxes and I have gotten more than a few collateral kills because of it.

Another unique feature of Revoker is the zoom factor. It has a custom Ambush SLH25 scope with a zoom of 35. For reference, the Twilight Oath also has a zoom of 35, and previously held the crown for lowest zoom on a sniper in Destiny 2. This makes Revoker tied for the lowest zoom and many crucible snipers will agree that a low zoom sniper is a must have. The other must have is Snapshot Sights, which Revoker also has.

The unique pinnacle perk, Reversal of Fortune, states: Missing a shot returns the bullet to the magazine after a short duration. How short? Two seconds. In the heat of a Crucible match, two seconds can either be a blessing or an eternity. On slower games where players are more passive, like Countdown, it can feel much quicker getting that refund and I've found quite a few players just watching long hallways knowing they'll get that bullet back or they'll kill you with it. It's a viable strategy, but a slow one.

I tend to play with Revoker a bit differently. My strategy is to be very in-your-face and take risky shots because I know that bullet will come back if I miss, so I am less frugal with my shots. The issue is if I do hit, I have to be ready to follow up if it's a body shot.

The biggest con that I've had with Revoker was, in fact, Reversal of Fortune. Often times I will try for a shot and hit a teammate, or hit a Titan's Barricade, or Well of Radiance Sword, and the shot will not be refunded. If you shoot something that can take damage it will count as a "hit". Whereas the skybox, the ground, or walls do not take damage; so the round is refunded. On very rare occasions the round will get refunded even if you do get a body shot on an enemy. Which is an interesting bug that I won't really complain about. The former issue, however, lots of complaints.

It's not even the worst thing in the world to accidentally body a teammate, but if I was banking on that shot killing or returning it is quite annoying.

Another issue some players will express is the very low handling stat. I briefly mentioned my work-around using a Freehand Grip Mod. But I don't personally have too much of an issue with the handling. The sniper I used to get Revoker was a non-curated Twilight Oath. And the reason I specified that was because the curated version is the only way to get snapshot on that particular sniper. I am fairly used to lower handling snipers and certain perks or armors can enhance handling on any given weapon. The other point is that Revoker has Snapshot Sights, which gives it near instant aim down sights speed, meaning the only handling you'd need to boost is the draw and stow speed.

Ophidian Aspects, Dragons Shadow, enhanced sniper dexterity are all ways to improve the ready and stow speed.

So with all this said, should you go for Revoker? If you enjoy sniping or want to get into it Revoker is among the best snipers in the game, if not for the ammo economy it presents, but also for the confidence it will give you in taking those risky shots. If you plan on going for Recluse, Luna's Howl, Mountaintop, or even Not Forgotten then you'll earn the 3500 glory along the way. Just use snipers in Quickplay to finish up the quest. I think it is well worth it.