Scheduling Events with Charlemagne

April 24, 2019

Setting the time for an event

When creating an event using Charlemagne’s !lfg create, there are multiple ways to enter the time. The Warmind of Discord will automatically fill out any missing information from the default shown in the creation post.

Setting a specific time

The time can be entered in either 12-hour or 24-hour format. For example:

  • 6pm ET 04/15

  • 6:00 pm ET 04/15

  • 18:00 ET 04/15

will all schedule an event for 6 o’clock in the evening Eastern Time (US) on the 15th April. Charlemagne will automatically fill in the date as “today” if omitted and the timezone as the server default if they are omitted.

NOTE: For European users, remember to include the colon in the time; 1800 will not be recognized as 6pm. NOTE: Charlemagne will, by default, display the time in 12-hour format regardless of input. To always show 24-hour times, use !server time. This does not affect event creation, where both are recognized. NOTE: If you would like to use dd/mm instead of mm/dd, use !server date. This will affect both event creation and subsequent display.

Setting a relative time

If you would like to schedule an event for a time relative to your current time—2 hours in the future, for example—you don’t need to work out the time and manually input it. Charlemagne will recognize relative time inputs:

  • 2 hours 30 minutes from now

  • 2h 30m from now

will both schedule an event in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

NOTE: Remember to include the space between hours and minutes.

Specifying a timezone

Without input, Charlemagne will always use the server’s default timezone. When she is first added to your server, she operates on Bungie Time (Pacific Time); timezones can be added using the !server timezone (or !server tz) command while the default can be changed using !server timezone default.

If you would like to use or display a different timezone in the “Start Time” field, this must be specified when setting the event’s time.

Supported timezones

Charlemagne supports many timezones around the world, both in event creation and display. She will always respect the event creator and use any specified timezone in the “Start Time” field. Where no timezone is specified, she will use the server’s default. For a full list of timezones currently supported, please use !timezone; Charlemagne will DM you a list.

However, as users may not all be from the same location, the Warmind connects with Discord to provide an automatic time conversion in the event’s footer. This is calculated by Discord from her databanks and displayed as “Your Time: DATE at TIME”. This is provided in 24-hour format.

NOTE: On Android, there is a known Discord display bug that displays all dates as “Today”. Please refer to the date as shown by Charlemagne in the “Start Time” field.

Daylight Savings and Charlemagne

Many countries around the world observe daylight savings time (DST) to varying degrees. When clocks change at various times of the year, the local timezone code changes to reflect this. Unfortunately, the majority of people, and by extension Guardians, are either unaware of, or forget this information which can lead to a lot of confusion.

Charlemagne is aware of this, and in order to best help the Guardians she supports, she will automatically recognize DST changes and convert times accordingly. For example, looking at Bungie Time, PT is the generic code that refers to Pacific Time (both PST and PDT), PST is Pacific Standard Time and PDT is Pacific Daylight Time (for summer). Between the October and March clock changes, Charlemagne will recognize PT, PST and PDT and post the time as PT using the winter timezone, PST, regardless of input. Between the March and October clock changes, she will display all three using the summer timezone, PDT.

This is ideal in areas where all regions observing a specific timezone also observe Daylight Savings. Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT, is one example where this doesn’t always work. In the UK winter, GMT will provide a time in GMT while, in the UK summer, GMT will be corrected to BST. However, Iceland and some parts of Africa use GMT year-round and do not adjust in the summer. For these regions, it is recommended that they use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) year-round instead.

Areas that have their own timezone and do not observe DST—such as Indochina Time (ICT), Japan Standard Time (JST) and South Africa Standard Time (SAST)—require no correction and the Warmind adheres to this.

For other locations that do not observe DST but use a timezone that normally does, it can be more complicated. Examples include Arizona, US (MT) and Queensland, Australia (AET). Charlemagne will continue to adjust the usual timezone codes as usual to cater to the majority of Guardians. However, her Root Development Team are always happy to create a “local” code that does not change throughout the year.

Requesting a timezone or additional features

If your timezone is missing from !timezones, or your country has stopped observing DST, head over Charlemagne’s home server and look for the #feature-requests channel to state your request. Some information or background can help the team help you faster (is the timezone requested the same as any currently in existence). If you have any questions around how the Warmind handles time, #ask-help-here is always open to offer assistance.