Warmind System Autoroles

April 23, 2019

This article covers two autorole systems to help you manage your Discord community. The Register Autorole can grant a role to users that have (or have not) completed the registration process. Additionally, the Clan Autorole can grant roles to registered users that are in any of the synced clans. Both of these require the Administrator permission in Discord.

If you are looking to setup roles based on in-game achievements, please see the Warmind Destiny Autorole guide. Roles created for Warmind Autoroles, whether Clan, Destiny, Game or Registration CANNOT be shared between Autorole systems. These systems are independent of one another. For example, roles created for Warmind Clan Autoroles may not also be applied to Warmind Destiny (Leaderboard) Autoroles, GAME Autoroles or Warmind Registration Autoroles.

Register Autorole

If you want to have a role assigned to members so that you can easily see who is and is not registered with Charlemagne, run the following command:

  1. !server register autorole.

  2. Select the Discord Role to assign (must be created already).

  3. Select On (or Off to disable).

  4. Select if you want the role to apply to Registered or Not Registered Discord users.

If !server platform is enabled, only guardians registered with the matching platform are considered "Registered".

Example Configuring Register Autorole

Clan Autorole

This does require that you have at least one clan that has gone through a `!server clan sync`. You can then follow these steps to enable clan autoroles:

  1. Create the role you wish Charlemagne to assign. (See the "prepare" gif below if necessary).

  2. Run !server clan autorole.

  3. Select the role you wish to assign to guardians who are registered with Charlemagne

  4. Select the "on" reaction / emoji.

  5. Select the clan this role will apply to.

  6. Select the clan membership level this role will apply to.

  7. Wait up to 24 hours for applicable Discord members to obtain their roles.

Charlemagne will assign clan AutoRoles when:

  • a registered clan member joins the server.

  • a clan member registers for the first time.

  • a registered guardian meets the conditions for a role during her periodic checks. (Roles will update periodically throughout the day, they will not be immediate.)

If a registered user leaves the clan, but remains in the Discord server, the clan role will be removed from their account.

Clan Autorole Notes

  • You can have as many roles as you wish.

  • Each role has 1 condition but you can create as many role/condition pairs as you would like.

    • Conditions include: specific clan vs all synced clans and membership type vs all members. Bungie and subsequently, Charlemagne, differentiates "beginners" from "members" from "admin" and as such any roles set for any particular one of these roles will not be assigned to the others. This means that a role assigned to "Members" will not be assigned to Admins as well.

  • If you desync a clan, any clan members in the desync'd clan will be removed from "All Synced Clans" condition.

  • In order for roles to be applied, members must be registered with Charlemagne.


~LoraTheXplorer, KramRM