Discord Slash Commands for Destiny

June 03, 2022

Slash commands provide a new way to interact with the Warmind, Charlemagne. They help guardians find commands more easily and help walk them through the command process, ensuring options are entered correctly.

Slash Command Setup (Admin Only):

In order for Charlemagne's slash commands to work, you MUST give the @everyone role in your server the Use External Emoji permission. The way slash commands work, this is necessary in order for Charlemagne to be able to include reactions/emojis in her responses.

If you don't want every role in your server to have that permission, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Edit permissions for all other roles, explicitly denying access to the Use External Emoji's permission, OR

  • If you use Charlemagne's Register Autorole system (documented here), the Register Autoroles are perfect for removing the Use External Emoji permission. Simply remove that permission from the registered and/or unregistered roles.

Have all of Charlemagne’s commands become slash commands?

Not yet, but most of them will be moved eventually. For now, if you want to see what commands are available type a / in the message line in Discord and scroll through Charlemagne's options:

How to Use Slash Commands 

On a Discord server and in a channel where Charlemagne Slash commands are enabled, type a forward slash in the message line. Various options will pop up like this:

On this screen, the three options are:

  1. Frequently Used Commands

  2. Charlemagne Commands

  3. Discord Default Commands

From here, you can either type in the slash command manually, or select one from the pop-up menu.

For this example, I selected /last pve:

Once you enter a command, a secondary options menu will pop up after you:

  • select the command from the menu, or

  • hit TAB if you're typing the command in manually:

If on PC, you can also hover over the area that reads +3 options in the pop-up menu to see what options are available for each command:

For some commands, options are required. For others, they are purely optional. If optional, you can choose as many options as you’d like, or none at all. You do not have to select them in any specific order, but you can only select one option at a time.

For this example, I used /last pve (above), then selected Activity: Strike and finally, Success: True:

If you type an option in manually, make sure you TAB afterward, so that the text you typed becomes highlighted like in the image above.

If you're looking up your own stats and are registered with Charlemagne, you do not need to use the guardian option. Charlemagne knows who you are and will automatically return results for your preferred profile.

Once you’ve selected your options, send the message. Charlemagne will respond with your results:

If you want to see stats for a specific guardian there are 3 ways to do this.

1. Ping them in Discord (ie: @Hanxa) They must be registered for this to work:

Using @ in a slash command does not ping the server member.

2. If a guardian is not registered or you cannot @ them for any reason, you can use their Discord ID instead. To find their Discord ID, you need to have Developer Mode toggled on in your Discord User Settings:

Once in Developer Mode, right-click on their Discord Name if on PC, or long-press if on mobile:

Then scroll down and click "Copy ID":

Once you have their ID number, use the guardian option and paste their Discord ID in the command line:

3. Another option is to enter the user's Bungie Name (bungiename#0000). To find a guardian's Bungie Name, go to bungie.net and look on your Friends List, or click on the search icon in the top right corner:

Search the guardian's name:

Once you find the Bungie Name you're looking for, add it to the command line after the guardian option. Make sure you add it exactly as it's written with the guardian's name, hashtag (#), numbers and no spaces. In this case, Hanxa#9364:

Charlemagne will respond with the stats you are seeking:

That’s it! That’s how to use Charlemagne’s Slash commands!

Here's a handy little GIF:

Rank Commands

You can view Charlemagne's leaderboards in Discord using the /rank command.

If you type /rank in a Charlemagne enabled channel and server, you'll see 6 basic categories:

For each command other than the /rank specific command, various options will pop up once you've selected the.

For example, here I chose /rank raid and numerous raid options popped up.

I selected: D2 Garden of Salvation Total Completions:

I also selected a specific guardian, but elected not to specify the number of rows as there are only 2 of us:

Note: See more about the row options near the end of this article.

Rank Specific

For /rank specific commands, follow the same steps as above, entering a keyword for the leaderboard you wish to see:

There are hundreds of leaderboards. For example, if you want to know how many snowball kills you've had, type the word snowball. If the word you searched for has more than one related leaderboard, Charlemagne will display all options related to that keyword. Here, she returned two possible leaderbaords:

I selected: Dawning 2017: Enemies Killed With Snowballs:

Once selected, send the message and Charlemagne will respond with the corresponding leaderboard:

There are hundreds of leaderboards. To see a complete list, visit our website HERE

The Row Option

If you do not specify how many rows you want to see on a leaderboard, Charlemagne will produce a limited response that will show the top 10 members (plus ties) and then skip to your ranking if you're not in the top 10. If you only want to see a certain number of rows keep this in mind:

  • the maximum number of rows for a response inside of any given channel is 15. Anything beyond that will be sent to you in a Direct Message, or DM.

  • the maximum number of rows for a DM is 40. Anything beyond that can only be seen by following the warmind.io link at the bottom of the leaderboard message:

Click "yep":

You will be taken to Charlemagne's website where you will see a complete leaderboard that will look something like this:

You can scroll through and see server members and their rankings - depending on how your administrators configured your server. Some will show only clan members to appear on leaderboards, and some will show all server members.

"Hey, What Command Did You Just Use?"

If someone ran a command, any command, and you're curious what that command was, simply click on the link at the top of the command response that reads "guardian name used /command":

This will allow you to see exactly what command and what command options the server member used.

After you click the link, the information regarding the command used will pop up above it:

Not only can you see it, but you can also copy/paste it if you want to use the same command:

If the previous user didn't enter the guardian option, the command will return the same stats for your Bungie account - if you're registered. If not, you'll have to add the guardian option and enter your Discord ID or Bungie Name as described previously in this article.

Since I'm registered and wanted to see the same stats for my own account, I simply copy/pasted and sent the command:

Thanks for reading and enjoy discovering new Charlemagne commands!