Basic User Commands

September 09, 2022

/ada - Ada's current mods

/analytics - global analytics

/clan - clan activities and info

/checklist - missing checklist items

/countdown - time remaining until key events and unlocks

/cryptarch - Master Rahool's current exchange rates

/daily - daily rotations

/dance - dance Guardian, dance!

/dares - various stats for Dares of Eternity

/donate - help ensure Charlemagne's survival

/dungeons - stats for dungeons

/event - Create and manage planned events (replaced !lfg)

/eververse - Tess Everis' current merchandise

/game - Warmind Reputation and Rank (has to be enabled by server admins)

/gunsmith - Banshee-44's current mods

/ib - Iron Banner stats

/last - stats for your last activity

/meta - most used weapons for D2 activities

/pvp - crucible stats

/raids - stats for D2 raids

/rank - leaderboards

/register - walks you through the registration process

/scan - hidden gems of information

/scry - current activity, map or last login

/seals - summary of seals and seals awarded

/status - Charlemagne's current status

/time - time spent in D2

/trials - stats for Trials of Osiris

/user - user settings and preferences (Premium Feature)

/weapons - your most used weapons

/weekly - weekly rotations

/xur - Xur's current wares and arrival

/xgerhard - Xgerhard's Destiny Commands