Destiny Leaderboard: D2 Fastest Strike

Server: DeltaCo 582

Command: !rank fasteststrike

# Name Time
1  Ali_Man_22 1m 06s
2  notimeformoney 3m 31s
2  bolton_1984 3m 31s
2  TheHemulin 3m 31s
5  cloud_razor 3m 46s
5  Meekoi1 3m 46s
5  freddthirteen 3m 46s
8  AlphaCharliEcho 3m 47s
9  Ridjeck_Thome 3m 50s
10  shocks-hibby 4m 04s
10  korky44 4m 04s
10  perera74 4m 04s
13  RipVanWinkle7 4m 17s
14  TriniBois4ever 4m 33s
15  kaypher 4m 47s
16  LynWins 4m 57s
17  barmyarmy70 5m 02s
18  georgesaviour 5m 09s
19  lostcylon 5m 13s
20  CinnAxis 5m 14s
21  Bektar 5m 19s
21  UncaWook 5m 19s
23  avantguardsman 5m 50s
24  Tanthius87 5m 59s
25  ChucklesZeClown 6m 24s
26  cheesyweesee 6m 25s
27  wazuba 6m 26s
28  kifferw#2168 6m 41s
29  Gunner1W 6m 49s
30  raistlin_78 6m 53s
31  Aderacer1970 6m 54s
32  Neo001001 6m 56s
33  DSHedeklint 7m 10s
34  Jana5800 7m 16s
34  remybach_uk 7m 16s
36  SadStork 7m 19s
37  Wilburo 7m 22s
38  Arterialbleed 7m 28s
39  AlphaCharEcho 7m 29s
40  thamuhacha 7m 34s
41  Crimson_Jihad-87 7m 39s
42  eldoobiesnacks 7m 41s
43  My2iRon 7m 54s
44  RustedBird 8m 04s
45  RabidDee 8m 12s
45  SpiralScratch9 8m 12s
47  Ragel_Tropxe 8m 16s
48  yago2k 8m 19s
49  potenziata 8m 25s
50  Unshapedchimp 8m 44s
51  BareJester 9m 00s
52  Cimmerian101 9m 08s
52  Hensojutsu9 9m 08s
54  GameXYZ#2127 9m 13s
55  ceedyrom 9m 35s
56  Scarrrr88 9m 38s
57  felixvii 9m 44s
58  fretwanger 9m 59s
59  kifferw 10m 18s
60  masterchief JH1 10m 31s
61  Crimson#2790 10m 37s
62  tjc_dev 11m 00s
63  Ollz56 11m 10s
64  invnoone 14m 04s
65  poppiestar95 16m 01s
66  tjc_dev 19m 45s
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